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The SCH Purchasing Cooperative was formed in 2010 to help senior housing cooperatives gain purchasing power and  to further common business interests. We are owned and controlled by our members. We have 41 cooperative shareholders representing over 3,100 units.

We do your homework for you. 

Individual senior cooperatives do not always have the expertise to evaluate vendors. And there's not always enough time to do a thorough job of investigating, evaluating and negotiating the best value. SCHPC finds the expertise and has the time to investigate, evaluate and negotiate for you.

We select preferred vendors we believe will offer our members the best value. We offer products and services our members have told us they need or want. Committees of qualified representatives from our member cooperatives review and recommend prospective vendors. We look for at least three vendors for each product or service. We choose our preferred vendors based on quality, service and reputation. We then negotiate the best value for our members. 

Join us!

More members mean more purchasing power. Please join us.

f you'd like more information before you make your decision please Contact Us. We'll be happy to meet with you and anyone else in your cooperative to discuss our program and how it can benefit your Senior Housing Cooperative.

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